Our requirements keep competition relatively even while maintaining a safe environment for our pilots, audience, and venues.  Each aircraft weighs less than a lightbulb and has guards around each propellor.

We only fly Tiny Whoop sized quads.  All aircraft flying in our events must meet these specifications:

  • Under 70mm frame size (diagonal from motor-to-motor center) with ducts/guards around each propellor
  • 31mm propellor size max
  • Under 35g take-off weight (with battery)
  • 25mw video transmitter power max
  • 1S HV battery max, any capacity
  • Motor:  any!

Examples of quads you can buy and fly:  Tiny Whoop, US65, Beta65 Pro 1S, E013, QX65, Inductrix

Examples of quads you CANNOT fly:  Mobula 7, Beta75(x), Tiny Leader, any unducted quad

Worried if you can fly your quadcopter?  Our basic rule is, if your aircraft doesn’t meet our requirements, check with us on how you can!  We’ll help!

If you do not have a Tiny-whoop sized quadcopter/drone of your own, you’re welcome to borrow one of ours (first-come, first-served) for your first event or two!  There are kits you can purchase for just over $100 to get started if you would prefer that option.

We do not have any age restrictions!  If you’re 12 or under, we need your parent or guardian to be there while you fly.